Focas has a Committed and faithful team of maritime professionals. We have a large database of crews of all ranks from different nationalities with STCW documents and other required documents.In short ,Focas Serves you as a search engine to find offshore jobs and onshore jobs or to find suitable seafarers for your ships.

How FOCAS team help a shipowner or ship Manager

We provide crew details as per the requirement and request from the shipping companies. Once the company received the list its their responsibility to manage the crews on their own seafarer employment agreement. Our responsibility will be upto finding crew details from our international sources and from our own database on ship Manager/Owners request.

How FOCAS team help Seafarers looking for job 

We have created a free online registration page in Focas website where anyone with sea going experience could register their details for free. Those who are registered with us will get priority while sharing the CV to shipping companies. We provide details online on both offshore and onshore vacancies so that a seafarer who is looking for a job onshore or offshore could use our platform. There will not be any fees from Focas which needs to be paid by any job applicant. 

Who will be liable for crew / job contracts, salaries etc 

Focas will not be liable for your salaries or contracts. Focas’s role will be only to share the CV ‘s from our database to shipping companies / shipyards and the work/job contract will be directly between candidates and those companies.