Assistant Project Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitors the development, implementation and support the decisions taken for SMART project.
  • Manages the implementation of SMART projects / initiatives within BSM.
  • Implement new technologies to improve activities related to ship management within BSM. E.g Maintenance, Performance, Crewing , LPSQ
  • Monitors the status of assigned SMART project, timely implementation of actions
  • Plans, oversees, and coordinates team members of SMART projects and organizes the smooth delivery of the tasks for each delegated pillar in the agreed time limit
  • Manage the project team and chairs the frequent project meetings to discuss the ongoing process. Works with the project team to develop solutions to action points and implement same.
  • Responsible for the testing of every PAL development related to its pillar, before released in Production
  • Supports the Lead SMART Project Manager, to delegate the required tasks to each of the team members of the respective pillar
  • Liaise directly with shore and onboard teams appointed to coordinate roll out various SMART project phases, to monitor and direct successive batches of ships in roll out.
  • Coordinates the project team to work with shore and on-board teams to resolve issues identified during roll out process.
  • Work with project teams to develop FSD requirements and review FSD for compliance with requirements.
  • Delivers weekly updates to the Lead SMART Project Manager for the progress of the specific pillar. Ensures project direction are tracked so no charter requirement is overlooked. Raise deviations /omissions directly with Lead SMART Project Manager.
  • Coach and motivate team members through appropriate training, development, management of performance and career progression. Ensure that team members have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and support to perform effectively and to contribute to the achievement of the project objectives.
  • Identifies training needs and promotion needs of the developments and deliverable of the specific pillar
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marine, Mechanical, Electric / Electronic Engineering, or higher certificate in Maritime relevant field
  • Master’s degree in Marine, Mechanical, Electric / Electronic Engineering will be considered as an advantage

Work Experience

  • 2 years of sailing experience as Senior Engineer / Officer, or
  • 2 years of shore experience as a superintendent with a ship management/owning company, or
  • 2 years of relevant work experience on Predictive Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance concepts & experience with Machinery & Engineering concepts

Project-Specific Skills

SMART Maintenance

  • Prior know-how of planned maintenance systems
  • Familiar with Engine Performance would be considered an advantage
  • Prior know-how of condition-based monitoring and maintenance will be considered as an advantage
  • Knowledge on handling and producing software development requirements on a business level
  • Coding on a prototyping level would be an advantage
Job location