Chief Engineer

Job Responsibilities

Chief Engineer Job In BC,Canada


The Chief Engineer is directly accountable to the Master or the Master's delegate. His responsibilities include:

·      Provide leadership and direction to all ship Engineering/Technical staff.

·      Provide daily Standing Orders to Watchkeeping Engineer and Duty Engineer.

·      Ensuring that the vessel's propulsion machinery and other vital systems and equipment - electrical, deck, HVAC, waste, dredging equipment, fire-fighting etc., are maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications and class requirements, and operate effectively and efficiently.

·      Implementation and execution of company policies and the Ship’s Safety Management System.

·      Maintaining engine room administration (e.g. ships log, daily report).

·      Ensuring that repairs of the vessel's propulsion machinery, ship’s machinery and other vital systems are carried out as per manufacturer’s requirements, safely, efficiently and to Class and Flag State requirements.

·      Complying with national and international maritime law and regulations.

·      Maintaining an inventory of all critical spare parts in an electronic format and ensuring required spare parts are on board or stored at one of the company’s facilities.

·      Critical consumable liquids such as potable water, fuel and lube oil are monitored.

·      Daily operation of the ship from the mechanical, electrical and electronic perspectives.

·      Taking action on maintenance issues in a timely manner.

·      Maintaining good relationships with all shipboard and shore-based personnel.

·      Being familiar with all equipment on board the ship.

·      Ensuring that maintenance is carried out in an efficient and most economical manner in cooperation with company’s Technical Management.

·      Provide Equipment & Yard Group with Technical Reports as required.

·      Working with the Equipment & Yard Group for scheduling of maintenance and refits.

·      Ensuring required Engine Room documentation is completed.


·      Certificate of Competency

o  Preferred - Transport Canada First-Class Engineer, Motor Ship

o  Minimum - Transport Canada Second-Class Engineer, Motor Ship

·      Marine Medical Certificate, Transport Canada

·      Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Safety Training

·      Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats

·      Certificate of Proficiency in Advance Fire Fighting

·      Marine Advanced First Aid

 Working Conditions

·      12-hour days with overtime as required

·      3-week rotation (typically two weeks on and one week off)

·      Unionized position with the Canadian Merchant Service Guild


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Job location

Port Moody, BC,Canada