Chief Engineer

Job Responsibilities

The Chief Engineer shall:
• Control, supervise and delegate maintenance and repair of all machineries and equipment including:
o Safety equipment
o Refrigerated cargo
o Navigation, communication, deck and hull items
• Execute administration, management and supervision within the scope of responsibility, to ensure that tasks are performed in a:
o Safe
o Efficient
o Cost effective manner that fulfils compliance with relevant legislation, class requirements, and the Company's procedures
• Keep the Master and appropriate departments ashore well informed, so they can coordinate and control activities toward maximizing safety, environmental protection and quality
• Advise the Master about failures of machinery and equipment and highlight the implications of such failures on shipboard operations
• Obtain permission from the master before starting maintenance on critical equipment
• Understand the importance of providing information to other functions, particularly in matters which increase risk and have a potential negative effect on safety and environmental protection
• Take necessary measures to protect all persons, the vessel, her equipment and cargo and the environment, as deemed necessary by using good seamanship
• Be responsible for conducting his/her duties, and deal with authorities, customers, charters, agents and suppliers, in the best interest of the company
• Control and review, cost and work practices, to ensure maximum efficiency is obtained and take corrective measures, when requirements are not meet
• Realize the need for management systems and procedures, particularly in areas of:
o Emergency
o Malfunction safety back up
o Contingency planning
o Protection of the environment


At least 12 months sea time* in rank experience
Chief Engineer experience on vessels with UMS and minimum 20000 BHP of relevant engine types

The Chief Engineer shall:
• Be a visible leader in the management of the vessel
• Actively participate in daily briefing/debriefings
• Regularly carry out on board safety leadership gemba’s
Safety Leadership Gemba is done to:
• Coach, help, and support the crew in reaching their goals easier and solving their safety challenges to make work better and safer.
• Build relationships with the crew by growing trust through listening and addressing what they need.
• Increase crew engagement and commitment.

Job location

Pasay, Philippines