Cost Controller

Job Responsibilities

  • Support the establishment of project cost baseline budgets and prepare project cost control plans in accordance with project execution and client requirements for inclusion in the Project Control Plan.
  • Assist with the formation of the job-specific code of accounts, in accordance with the project WBS, forming the basis for detailed level cost control and reporting.
  • Support the preparation and maintenance of project cost control forecasts.
  • Provide input to the preparation of overall client and Petrofac management cost reports.
  • To establish and maintain change control systems. Ensure proper evaluation of change notices, determining cost impact on all affected areas.
  • Promote cost reduction and search for ways to reduce the project cost.
  • To prepare cash flows and currency distribution forecasts.
  • To assist with the development of new cost control tools and methodologies.
  • Prepare and issue monthly invoices across all projects allocated.
  • Support gathering and analysis of time booking.


  • Minimum experience in cost control is desirable.
  • Engineering, Business, Economics or Mathematics degree is preferable.
Job location

England, United Kingdom