Dry Dock Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

• Inspection and assessment of vessels scheduled for docking
This includes the timely inspection and assessment of assigned vessels in accordance with the Group docking procedure. Inspection includes assessment of technical and material condition of all vessel systems. End result will be a condition report of sufficient quality to prepare a bid specification.
• Preparation of repair and bidding specifications
Prepare detailed bid specifications for assigned dockings. Specification should be sufficiently detailed to address all known and identified issues
• Assessment and selection of dockyards
Assess the suitability of dockyards. The assessment should be in accordance to Group and Regional guidelines and the report will be the basis for docking decisions.
• Execution of docking and repair
• Preparation of docking report
• Major repairs


• 05 years of experience in marine engineering including but not limited to vessel design, operation, management and repair. Formal education (bachelor’s degree or similar) is a viable substitute for experience.
• Operational experience in the towing environment on towing vessels of not less than 3000 KW. Experience as Chief Engineer preferred.
• Required expertise includes detailed knowledge in the operation and repair of marine equipment and systems, knowledge of the applicable classification and flag state requirements, specific experience with ship repair and repair management, ability to prepare and follow budgets. Incumbent has to be comfortable with deadlines and working under time and financial pressure. Incumbent must be capable of motivating employees and contractors.

Job location