Marine Operator

Job Responsibilities

Has responsibility for planning day-to-day vessel operations for aselection of services.

Key Responsibilities America´s Marine 24/7 shift coverage was designed to improve the way we execute Marine Operations, and manage contingencies, while balancing bunker cost and network stability, under full safety premises. The 24/7 Marine Operator is responsible for the successful execution of the berthing plans and management of the vessels after the handover from the scheduling teams, and for optimizing the port stays, and safely managing any incidents/contingencies during the 24/7 shift.

• Attend shift as planned in the roster, and in case of not being able to attend, communicate this as soon as possible to the Shift Coordinator.

• Receive and pass on handover following the standard process and tools, making sure that critical information is clearly understood and handed over.

• Together with the team, maintain tools and processes required to run a 24/7 setup, enabling a smooth and error free execution of assigned tasks.

• Manage and execute the following processes:

• Manage Marine Execution

• Execute Cut and Run.

• Manage vessel related incidents at port & sea

• Manage bunker supply

• Manage local bunker exceptions.

• Above includes being the first point of contact for contingencies and incidents happening outside office hours. Manage and escalate as per procedures

• Deliver as a team on the shared team objectives and KPI


Who we are looking for:

• Bachelor’s degree (Licenciatura)

• Good communication skills. Proficiency in English & Spanish (written & spoken) is required. Some knowledge of basic Portuguese is desirable.

• 2-3 years’ experience in Marine Operations (shipping / customer service), and ability to recommend or conclude on decisions which protect at every moment Safety, Cost and Network Stability.

• MS Office at user level (Advanced Excel).

• Programming and Automation (Power BI) is preferred.

• Able to work autonomously and take calculated and independent decisions outside office hours.

• Manage contingencies/crisis situations calmly, following standard procedures.

• Detail oriented / organized

Job location

Panama City