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• The Engine Room and those areas as directed by the Chief or Second Engineers are kept in a clean and tidy condition.
• Relevant tanks are sounded on a regular basis as per Chief and Second Engineers instructions.
• All relevant regular maintenance as defined by the Chief and Second Engineer are carried out in a safe, efficient and timely manner.
• Maintain good housekeeping of the vessels Engine room as instructed by the 2nd Engineer.
• Assist as required in the mooring/undocking of the vessel and Canal transits as designated by the Master
• Assist in monitoring the loading of HFO or IFO, MDO/GO and Lube Oil Bunkers as directed by the Chief Engineer
• Ensure that work and rest hour planning is done on an ongoing basis and rest hour requirements are complied with to avoid fatigue. Any challenges in rest hour compliance must be brought to the attention of Second Engineer/ Chief Engineer.


- Motorman with 18 Months rank exp


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