Job Responsibilities


· To take responsibility for ensuring that the Planned Maintenance System is carried out onboard. Carry out ship’s husbandry and Health & Safety checks onboard the vessel, rectifying and/or reporting faults as required.


· To assume the roles and responsibilities of the safety officer in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Health and Safety at Work) Regulations 1997.


· Working under guidelines as required by the relevant Port Manager, ensure that the vessel is adequately stored and bunkered.


· Build working relationships with office, external customers, pilots, port authorities and agents, and to take part with operational meetings with all as required.


· To take ownership of his vessel, and undertake Master’s responsibilities if required should he become incapacitated for any reason.


· To take full responsibility for the day-to-day management of the crew, including organising rotas and holidays as required, adherence to Hours of Rest and to Company Policies and Procedures, providing cover elsewhere if requested, and supervision and on-going training of staff under his control.


· To carry out all duties, including inter-departmental duties involving both deck and engine roles, and those reasonably assigned from time to time, in a professional, responsible and adaptable manner, with flexibility of operation as required in order to fulfil the current manning and vessel operational requirements.


· To undertake mandatory training as required both for company requirements and for individual continued professional development.




To ensure the safe operation of all deck work and management of deck crew in line with statutory and regulatory guidelines as required by the Company, MCA and other external bodies.

Job location