Ordinary Seaman

Job Responsibilities

Assist with the storing of vessel whenever needed, as directed by the Master, Chief Engineer or their deputies.
• Keep the Chief Engineer, vessel management and other functions on board informed, to co-ordinate and control activities, maximise safety, quality and environmental protection.
• Assist the Fitter under direction of Chief Engineer or Chief Officer.
• Ensure work and rest hour planning is done regularly and requirements are complied with. Bring any challenges in rest hour compliance to the attention of Chief Officer / Officer of the Watch (OOW).
• Report any unsafe acts or unsafe conditions including exercising STOP WORK.
• Participate actively in safety meetings, post drill briefings and other meetings and provide feedback for overall improvement of the safety, compliance and operational aspects.

At Sea
• Assist in navigational watchkeeping lookout, whenever required, and report to the OOW as soon as vessels, navigational objects are sighted or heard.
• To be an understudy of the A/B and to undertake assigned tasks under relevant supervision considering safety and applicable skills requirements.
• To perform the function as helmsman under supervision of A/B when required and provided being familiar with the vessel’s steering characteristics.
• To carry out any work assigned by the Chief Officer or OOW in the maintenance of the vessel and its equipment, good housekeeping and cleaning of the deck areas, accommodation and Engine Room, or other duties as requested and relevant to the job role and the ship’s safety.
• Perform repair and maintenance work on deck and accommodation using power tools and hand tools.
• Perform maintenance of lashing equipment as directed by the Chief officer.
• Carry out mooring / unmooring operations including operation of winches, windlass and handling of mooring ropes.
• Rigging of gangways and pilot ladders.
• Carry out cargo lashing checks under Chief Officer instructions.

In Port
• To assist in gangway access control as per the Ship's Security Plan (SSP).
• Report any breaches to the OOW or Ship's Security Officer (SSO).
• Perform watch duties and assist ensuring the vessel remains safely moored through all stages of cargo operations and tides, under the supervision of the OOW.
• Under the Supervision of the Chief Officer or OOW assist in preparing vessel for sea including securing cargo hatches, ensuring that all cargo is secured and cargo area safe.
• Under the supervision of Chief officer, OOW or other officer, assist with tasks related to loading and unloading of cargo, which are normally required to be carried out by vessel’s crew members.
• Under the supervision of the Chief officer or Electrical Engineer, assist with plugging and unplugging of on-deck reefers, if this does not interfere with other assigned responsibilities and can be performed in a safe manner.
• Assist in bunkering operations as instructed by Chief Engineer or Chief Officer.


- 12 Months Sea Time in International-going vessels
or at least 30 Months Sea Time in Domestic with Container or General Cargo Type of Vessel

Job location