Purchasing Officer (VSU)

Job Role and Responsibilities


Manage all procurement activities involving sourcing of goods and services for Nakilat, JV companies and other affiliates while ensuring value-addition to Nakilat VSU spend requirement by making sure that there is no disruption to vessel demand schedules by confirming timely procurement and sourcing. Ensure further value-addition to NAKILAT Revenue production by making sure competitive sales via VSU. Manage daily challenges in purchasing like meeting short term, long term as well as unplanned demands by leading the purchase process and providing valuable direction to the department.



Key Accountabilities:

Manage Purchasing Related Activities:

1.   Assist Nakilat warehouse and Vessel Support Unit (VSU) in their sourcing needs as well as coordination of Call of Agreements.

2.   Contribute to the development of the Vessel Support Units VSU by streamlining of all purchasing activities in order to optimize cost as well analyze sales pattern to estimate customer buying patterns.

3.   Monitor purchase requisitions for timely processing by ensuring healthy communication with various contract owners and end users. 

4.   Issue purchase order in accordance with the approved Nakilat TOFA.

5.   Fulfill all purchase requests proactively using the approved supplier list maintained in SAP as well as supply agreements wherever available. 

6.   Monitor and track purchase requisitions including performance of ageing analysis with an overall aim of improving the efficiency of procurement process. 

7.   Select the most appropriate quote after evaluation of each quote and technical clarification with the end user and vendor.

8.   Report to Head of Purchasing with status of purchase order and purchase requisitions as well as other updates as may be required.

9.   Ensure implementation of the procurement process at all stages such as pre-tender, award of tender and post-award.

10.   Ensure coordination between purchasing, supply chain and inventory management, logistics and warehousing section for achieving efficiency and minimizing stocked materials. 

11.   Coordinate with vendors on issues like price, quality or quantity procured goods / services to ensure the compliance and completion of the purchasing activity. 

Accountabilities - 2

SAP Management:

12.   Capture all entries in SAP to ensure that all transaction, commitments and expenditure are duly documented and tracked. 

13.   Work with SAP support and IT to resolve any system/process issue encountered by end users in Procurement-to-Pay process.


Liaise with vendors:

14.   Ensure that all orders are processed in a timely and cost efficient manner by regular and effective communication with vendors. 

15.   Liaise with existing suppliers and potential vendors at local and international level for maintaining a healthy stream of vendors when required.

16.   Monitor suppliers’ performance and manage claims & disputes with report submitted to Head of purchasing.


Accountabilities - 3

Generic Accountabilities: 

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE):

17.   Adhere to all relevant QHSE policies, procedures, instructions and controls so that NAKILAT provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public and its own people.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:

18.   Implement approved policies, processes & procedures and provide instructions to subordinates to ensure their proper implementation. 



19.   Act as a proxy for procurement section at various meetings with internal NAKILAT departments, JV partners and affiliates as well as external partners like vendors, government officials, professional organizations as well as other groups as may be required.

20.   Capture all entries in SAP to ensure that all transaction, commitments and expenditure is duly documented and tracked.

21.   Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.



Key Result Areas

  • Monitor Purchase requisitions for timely processing, including special attention to urgent requisitions
  • Fulfill all requisitions as per the approved vendor list maintained in SAP and supply agreements
  • Select the most appropriate quote after evaluation of each quotation, including considerations like cost, quality and delivery terms
  • Ensure proper documentation is maintained as well as all entries are routed through SAP


•   Bachelor Degree in Business / Commercial Studies, Business Administration or Engineering/Science discipline or equivalent is essential



•   Minimum 4 - 8 years of relevant experience in procurement, supply chain and support services to vessels within the oil and gas or marine industries


Job Specific Skills:

•   Strong level of understanding of complete Supply Chain, Procurement and Contracting and Materials Management practices and processes

•   Computer literate with a general understanding of Procurement computer systems 

•   Working knowledge of SAP is an advantage

•   Good understanding of Business Process Management

•   Skilled in process performance review and spend analysis

•   Skilled in cost analysis, price analysis and procurement risk analysis

•   Good knowledge in E-Procurement

•   Negotiation skills

•   Good knowledge of Supplier Performance Management



Job location

Doha ,Qatar