Second Engineer

Job Responsibilities

Perform engine room watch-keeping duties when required
• Perform main engine crankcase inspection as per PMS
• Maintain all machinery on deck and in engine room in his / her area of responsibility as required by the PMS and as directed by Chief Engineer
• Management of stores, spares, lube oils and chemicals including monitoring the consumption, inventory management to ensure minimum requirements are met and checking deliveries
• Maintaining order and cleanliness in the engine room
• Instruct and supervise all crewmembers in the use of safety, environmental protection, firefighting and lifesaving equipment
• Preparing and monitoring work plans for other engineers and engine ratings.
• Monitor the work/rest hour planning for other engineers and engine ratings to ensure rest hours are kept
• Ensure own work and rest hour planning is done on an ongoing basis and rest hours are kept
• Using the least hazardous chemicals and ensuring that chemicals are used in a safe and responsible way
• Issuing orders and instructions in a clear and simple manner
• Training of supervised personnel which includes:
o Orientation
o Health and safety
o Environmental protection
o Use of manuals and procedures
o Proper use of tools and equipment
o Standard maintenance and operating practices
• Develop the skills and confidence of the more junior members of the team.
• Propose to the Chief Engineer, necessary training requirements concerning engineers and engine ratings
• Examine overtime forms as applicable


At least 12 months sea time* in rank experience
At least one contract as Senior Engineer with UMS and minimum 20000 BHP of relevant engine types

The Second Engineer is:
• Second in command in the engine department and shall keep him/herself informed of all matters concerning vessel's operations, maintenance and repair, thus being able to take over from the Chief Engineer if needed
• Understudy of the Chief Engineer for future responsibility and promotion

Job location

Pasay, Philippines