Senior Engineer

Job Overview

Senior Engineer Job In Abu dhabi UAE


To monitor and control tanker ship operations on sea terminals and to endorse maintenance activities for offshore oil installations and tanker berths as well as assist to administer contractors’ obligations and work performance to ensure reliability and efficiency of sea terminals and maintain optimum oil exports capabilities

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 1)


  • Directs tanker ship movements on tanker berths and controls oil transfer operations between shore and sea terminals to ensure meeting with export schedules
  • Administers and monitors the marine contractors performance including tanker ship pilotage, cargo transfer operations and maintenance activities for offshore installations and tanker berths to ensure performance is in line with required standards and agreed contractual terms and provisions
  • Review and endorses sub-sea maintenance activities to ensure preservation of underwater installations and works performed as per agreed scope
  • Review berthing schedules and tracks ships estimated arrival times and modify schedules to ensure optimum berth occupancy
  • Participates in the development of crude oil loading master programmes including review of monthly ship allotments for ADNOC and other Shareholders to ensure that marine related concerns are being considered
  • Reviews and examines tanker ship size, draft, tonnage, and any operating limitations to ensure allocation of suitable tanker loading berth
  • Inspects and oversees maintenance and preservation of offshore Aids to Navigation and sea marks on waterways, channels, and tanker berths to ensure the safety of navigation and marine traffic in the vicinity of these installations
  • Examines equipment and materials withdrawn from service and authorises discarding if necessary to ensure asset integrity and reliability of system performance as well as compliance to company policies for writing off company assets
  • Authorizes and controls marine traffic and utilization of company owned marine jetties in the small boat harbour to ensure the safety and security of company marine installations and compliance to state laws and company policies & procedures
  • Liaise with the port authorities and frequently meet with the Harbour Master to discuss updates on regulatory issues and state provisions
  • Reviews stock of spares and materials including loading hoses, mooring hawsers, and other marine spares, scrutinizes consumed materials, and issues replacement orders on time to avoid any operational delays.
  • Participates in marine related contracts tendering and administration procedures from inception to contract award, including preparing, scheduling and auditing of contractors
  • Formulates contingency plans, coordinates safety, firefighting and oil pollution combat activities, and liaise with ADNOC Oil Spill Centre to ensure maintaining adequate response capability during emergencies.
  • Prepares reports on incidents, defects, and follows up on corrective actions to ensure non-recurrence
  • Completes all works in accordance with professional standards consistent with the terms of marine contract, established terminal operations procedures and Port Regulations.

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 3)

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 2)

Generic Accountabilities


  • Plan, supervise and coordinate all activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives.
  • Train and develop the assigned staff on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives.


  • Provide input for preparation of the Section / Department budgets and assist in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Section objectives.
  • Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

  • Implement approved Section / Department policies, processes, systems, standards and procedures in order to support execution of the Section’s / Department work programs in line with Company and International standards.

Performance Management

  • Contribute to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Section / Department in line with the Company Performance framework.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

  • Design and implement new tools and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of operational processes.
  • Identify improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with ISO standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the function.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability

  • Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Code of Practices.


  • Provide inputs to prepare Section MIS and progress reports for Company Management.

Generic Accountabilities (continue)

Internal Communications & Working Relationships

Contact with line Manager/ peers and other employees within the company/Group as required

External Communications & Working Relationships

Contact with external parties including consultants, third party service providers, and government agencies as required


Bachelors in Marine Engineering or equivalent

Minimum Experience, Knowledge & Skills

8 years of experience, including at least

Professional Certifications

As applicable

Work Condition, Physical effort & Work Environment

Physical Effort

Work Environment
A/C environment, could be exposed to the prevailing weather conditions like heat, humidity and dust during occasional site visits.


Seaman jobsite In UAE

Job location

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates